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You have 50 new procedures to write—asleep yet?
We’re wide awake and ready to do it for you.

There’s always something more interesting and urgent to do than write new procedures for your business. You’re too busy doing what you love and you push it to the bottom of your list.

Or, you’ve already got folders full of procedures written five years ago that haven’t been looked at or updated since. Technology and the processes you employ have changed but your paperwork hasn’t.

Your product needs to be of a consistently high quality. If you or your trained staff can't carry out tasks the same way every time, you need to write them down. That’s where we come in.

With over 20 years' industry experience we can do that for you.

Break it down, record it, use it

The most complex tasks can always be broken down into smaller and smaller steps until they're easy to understand. On the other hand, seemingly simple tasks that experienced staff do automatically, need to be explained to those with little or no experience. The wine industry is particularly vulnerable to this scenario. Every year sees a new workforce with a wide range of experience, languages and cultures in a high-pressure environment, with little time for comprehensive training. Clear and simple instructions are vital.

A safe working environment needs concise and accurate procedures—no short cuts and no questions about the right thing to do. If it’s all written down, there are no excuses for doing things the wrong way.

Procedures and plans

Write new procedures

Update existing procedures

Incorporate new processes

Incorporate new technology

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Standard Way of Operating (SWOs)

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Your procedures should be useful, relevant and easy to use

We'll create new procedures from scratch or update your existing ones. And if you need to incorporate new processes or technology, we can help with that too.

Get in touch and we'll create a quote for your unique project.

Matt Large

Ewan understands process and efficiency well from his experience in other industries and has brought that experience to our wine business.

Matt Large

South Island Operations Winemaker, Wither Hills Winery

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