Creative concepts, content marketing and strategies

Need ideas for a new product or tagline? Tired of creating blog posts that no-one reads or landing pages that don't convert? Creativity and strategy are a potent combination. Come on. Let's put our heads together.


From carefully-considered strategies to future industry stardom, check out Bold's suite of creative services—sizzling copywriting, meticulous editing and proofing, a script for your new video, or eye-catching industry awards entries. Dream big. We'll deliver.

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Content strategy and marketing

Content needs a plan! Tap into an endless supply of content ideas, write stuff that people actually want to read, and increase your reach with SEO and social media tools.

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Copywriting exists to persuade people you've never met to take an action that you want them to take. If your copy isn't doing that, it's time for a re-think. Let's talk about it.

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Editing & proofreading

You've worked too hard on that important piece of writing to publish it without one last, vital check. You need fresh eyes. We have those! Put us on the job for peace of mind.

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Awards submissions

You've built a bloody awesome business. We want to tell its story. Together we'll celebrate your team, showcase your achievements and get your entry plenty of attention.

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Training for teams

We'll put together a comprehensive package tailored to your organisation and its specific needs. Learn how to write effective, targeted business copy that's creative and fun.

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Video scripts

From concept through to final draft, we'll work with your production team to ensure your story gets its best possible treatment. We can't wait to hear about your project!

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This is what I do

There's no such thing as a dry or boring subject when you have the skills to bring it to life.

I've always believed that. And after telling the stories of literally hundreds of businesses and individuals since 2004, I know it's true.

I've created content for radio, websites, videos and magazines with clients based in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates. There isn’t any particular industry or type of writing that I specialise in; I work across them all. For me, it’s more about a certain type of person and a particular type of brand.

I like people who aim high and strive to be spectacular—innovators, mavericks and disruptors—anyone with a fire in their belly and a challenging brief! We talk about their vision and why their business is amazing. Then I get crazy inspired. Together we create brilliant stories that are authentic to their brand and targeted to their audience.


Let's find the right words and use them to transform your business

Whether you're looking for more buy-in from your team or savvy ways to better resonate with your market, we can help.