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Editing & proofreading

Need a fresh pair of eyes?

Call us picky if you want. We'll wear that if it means your document is everything it should be.

You’ve slaved over your report, catalogue or directory for weeks and now it’s ready to go the printer. You’ve been over it countless times but you have a nagging feeling that you’ve missed something. Problem is, it’s dominated your life for so long you no longer trust that you can spot any mistakes.

Need one last check to make absolutely sure? Flick it through to us.

How we can help

We'll go through your precious material as thoroughly and painstakingly as if we'd written it ourselves.

We're happy to discuss doing it at very short notice too. As this service attracts a premium, we suggest you get in touch to request a quote.

We're uncompromising perfectionists so we don't simply proofread, unless that's what you specifically request. We take readability into account as well, so if we spot ambiguity or repetition we'll suggest alternatives.

If you have a style guide for your written content, we'll follow that. If you don't have one but like the idea of keeping all your communications consistent across all platforms, we can arrange to put one together for you.

Alternatively, we'll give you pointers on what to include if you'd rather create a style guide yourself.


Here's what we'll check:




Ease of reading

Passive voice

Abstract vs. concrete words

Language—American vs. British English, etc.

Stuff we can’t check:

Non-English words and phrases

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Keen eyes. A light touch. And right on brand.

We don't believe in heavy-handed editing.

A few small changes are usually enough to give your message more clarity and oomph.

So don't worry. Even after we've turned our professional eyes to your document it will still be recognisably yours and speak in your brand's distinctive "voice".

If you have questions or want a no-obligation chat about a possible editing or proofreading project, we're happy to oblige.

Danielle Driver

Niki, thank you so, so much for taking our vision and putting it to paper – you have really done a phenomenal job in aiding us to add life to our business and present a beautiful, well written profile to the world for accountsdept. Your ability to put yourself in our shoes and write about accountsdept as if you were a member of the team is awesome.

Danielle Driver

Client Services, Accountsdept.

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