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Putting heart into process and process into heart

"Technical writing and creative services under one brand? Don't do it," said some very nice people who we politely ignored. "They're two separate businesses. They don't fit together."

Ah, but they do. Of course they do.

A creative strategy is doomed without process and workflow. Workplace procedures need to be interesting and engaging enough for people to use them.

So think of us like a communications pharmacy. We blend technical and creative, process and heart, according to your needs. Then we create the content that matches it exactly—always keeping a laser focus on your target audience.

Sure, we can bang on about SEO copywriting and conversion rates, SOPs and LTIs with the best of them. And yes, these definitely matter. But at core it's all about getting the right message into the right heads and keeping it there long enough for a spark to fire. The result? Transformation. Someone does the thing you want them to do. They buy, book, donate, sign up. They follow procedures, maintain standards of quality, stay safe.

And everyone lives happily ever after. We're big on that.

Bold circles

Bold in brief

Established in 2019

Based near St Arnaud, in the Nelson Lakes region

Our one guiding principle: leave things better than we find them

We use digital technology to work remotely where possible and are constantly looking for ways to minimise our environmental footprint

Approachable, friendly and expert at what we do

You in brief

Passionate about your business

Value your team as much as your customers/clients

Care deeply about quality and maintaining a consistently high standard of product or service

Invested in the process and want to collaborate

Know your target audience(s) very well—or, if you don't, you're prepared to invest in a discovery process. We can't do a great job for you otherwise.

Profile image of Niki Morrell, creative director of Bold Communications

Niki: Creative genius

Niki hails from Christchurch. A former New Zealand champion dancer, she still occasionally struts her stuff in the kitchen.

Niki's always been a writer. She discovered blogging long before it became a thing and took to it like a duck to another duck.  Her humour blog, Hot Water, was nominated Best Australian Weblog for three consecutive years. This somehow led to a job as a radio presenter with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, which was creatively satisfying and a hell of a lot of fun.

After returning to New Zealand in 2011, Niki freelanced as a copywriter, content marketer and journalist. She's also a qualified photographer.

Niki loves the creative process. Her mission is to inspire other people to love it too so they can use it to enrich their lives and help their businesses prosper.

Profile image of Ewan Morrell, technical director of Bold Communications

Ewan: Technical wizard

Ewan grew up in Scotland. He holds a Masters degree in Manufacturing Sciences and Engineering from Strathclyde University.

He spent 25 years in various engineering and construction project management roles in the UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand, with budgets ranging from AUD1 million to AUD15 billion.

After returning to New Zealand he navigated a massive learning curve to become a farmer. He has a close relationship with the Marlborough wine industry, having worked in it for four years.

Ewan is a highly-skilled technical writer with years of experience to draw on. He loves making complex procedures simple and using as few words as possible. This makes him an enduring mystery to his wife.

Our partner network

Here are the companies we roll with. We're very proud to showcase them because we've worked with them all. We know what they stand for and how they do business.

These people are all very good at what they do. They're ethical and committed to excellence. They'll treat your project with the care and respect it deserves.

Click on the logos below to check 'em out. Give 'em a call. And tell them we sent you.


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