Bold in the cold: our snow video!

Niki Morrell, creative director of Bold Communications in New Zealand, makes a video message in the snow

Our first winter snow started falling at Bold HQ last Friday. Tempting though it was to stoke up the fire and watch the flakes fall with a fortifying glass of port, we headed outside instead. And made this. Note the frozen cow pats in the background.

YouTube video

Kinda like mixing business with frostbite . . .

We get two or three two snow dumps here in the Nelson Lakes every winter but they’re usually short-lived. This one, we were told, was going to be different. MetService issued a Heavy Snow Warning. We’d never had one of those before. Longtime locals spoke in hushed tones of the Big Snow of 2008, when the power was off for two weeks and people emptied the contents of their freezers into backyard drifts.

Fortunately we were spared all that drama but it did snow enough to be satisfying. Our Highland cattle looked picturesque with their icing sugar dusting and our visiting friends from Queensland had a ball.

Every year I forget how quickly the novelty of snow wears off. It’s since turned to ice and it’s freezing. But I wanted to write about it because it’s all part of celebrating this wild and wonderful place where we live and work. And on the upside, it’s perfect weather for staying indoors and getting stuck into a major project. So if you have one for us, get in touch and put us on the case! We’re definitely not going anywhere–at least, not until this stuff melts . . .

Maybe in October.


Niki Morrell is Bold Communications' creative director. Her favourite thing is laughing.

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