Call this a launch?!


It wasn’t the launch I had in mind.

When Ewan and I decided back in December to join forces and create a new consulting and writing business called Bold Communications, I was already imagining quaffing bubbles and scoffing canapés with my clients. Somewhere funky with live music. I’d give a witty little speech that you would indulge because you’re kind.

But four mercy dashes down to Christchurch in as many months put paid to all that. On our 1 April launch date we had nothing to show. The new website wasn’t ready because I hadn’t had time to work on it. The old website and email weren’t working either, thanks to a botched domain transfer. Awesome.

So you could say Bold Communications had a “soft” launch—so soft it was basically non-existent.

But that’s what life is like. Family members get sick, friends die, the pressure continues to pile on from every side and yet we collectively somehow manage to stay upright. Some of us are even foolhardy enough to launch a new business with absolutely nothing to support it apart from some beautiful branding (thanks, Kirsten).

If there’s one thing the last 18 months have taught me, it’s that there’s no such thing as a “right” moment. We’re never really ready for anything. Life gets in the way, and life is the boss of us. So we may as well just bow to the inevitable and run with it.

And here endeth the philosophy lecture. Our future posts will be all about you and how our awesome new company can help make your world a better place.

Follow the links for more info on our creative and technical services. And if you should find yourself facing the equivalent of a soft launch in your own life this week … stare it down. Take a deep breath. Be bold.


Niki Morrell is Bold Communications' creative director. Her favourite thing is laughing.

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