Content creation by the stars


What kind of content creator are you—a methodical plodder? An organised achiever? An erratic genius?

Maybe your content creation style is all down to your star sign. Or maybe it’s not. Maybe this post is more about us wanting to fly in the face of all those worthy 2020 SEO and digital marketing guides currently proliferating in the multiverse (we’re looking at you, Brian Dean and Neil Patel) and do things a bit differently… like end the year on a light note. Just for the hell of it.

Enjoy, astrology buffs. And if you’re a Scorpio, try not to get all murder-y next year. Again.

Mar 21–Apr 19


You produce three long-form blog posts, a video, a white paper and two dozen social media posts in a week. You collapse from exhaustion and are never seen again. Aliens abduct you for no reason. Them’s the breaks.
MEDIUM/PLATFORM: Video. Anything involving short, sharp, shocks and gladiators.


You never have any problem sticking to a content creation programme. That’s because you’ve incentivised yourself with dinner out and a new pair of shoes every time you complete anything… like opening a Word doc. Or cleaning your teeth.
MEDIUM/PLATFORM: Facebook. Because everyone likes you. I mean it.

Apr 20–May 20

May 21–Jun 20


On the rare occasions when you shut up and focus long enough to write, your posts are witty, intelligent and brilliantly-crafted. You can never remember where you saved the drafts, however, so no-one has ever seen them.
MEDIUM/PLATFORM: Podcasts. TikTok. Twitter. Talking clocks.


Cancerians are kind and sweet, so you tend to be content consumers rather than creators (thank goodness—someone has to read all this crap). As a result, you occasionally suffer from content overload. Then you turn into a troll. Things take an unfortunate turn.
MEDIUM/PLATFORM: Reddit. For ever and ever and ever. Eternally.

Jun 21–Jul 22

Jul 23–Aug 22


You don’t MAKE content; you ARE content. You pay other people to produce a constant stream of high-quality stuff about you until they lose their will to live. Then you run high-ticket courses on how to succeed in content creation.
MEDIUM/PLATFORM: Talk shows, galas. Anything with a red carpet.


You love helping people and nitpicking. “How To” posts, curated content and OCD were probably invented by a Virgo. You’re a natural pontificator, especially when given the right platform and a good bottle of red.
MEDIUM/PLATFORM: Quora and Medium. And blogs. But not any old blogs. Quality blogs.

Aug 23–Sep 22

Sep 23–Oct 22


Beautiful images are your thing, especially when they’re of you. As you’re usually the most gorgeous creature in the room, that’s fair enough. You’re not big on words, so just smile, be an influencer and get stinking rich.
MEDIUM/PLATFORM: Instagram. Instagram. Instagram. And Pinterest.


You love transformational stories. The Hero’s Journey particularly appeals, especially when someone gets the plague and loses their puppy on the same day. After creating content, you reward yourself with a true crime podcast.
MEDIUM/PLATFORM: Case studies. Psychological profiles. Gray’s Anatomy (the book, you philistine).

Oct 23–Nov 21

Nov 22–Dec 21


Your restless nature relishes the gig economy so you haven’t quite found your content creation niche yet. When you do, you will probably produce something meaningful and epic. About what? Dunno. Perhaps ayahuasca holds the answer.
MEDIUM/PLATFORM: Reportage, documentary. Anything featuring parkour.


You designed and patented an all-encompassing content creation calendar, the sales of which are now out-performing your original business. You personally don’t have time for content creation. Writing is for wimps and people who don’t earn 7 figures.
MEDIUM/PLATFORM: LinkedIn. The Forbes World’s Billionaires List. Your autobiography.

Dec 22–Jan 19

Jan 20–Feb 18


You produce one exquisite, perfect piece of content in a year. It goes viral, you become an internet sensation and your business flourishes. But last August you signed said business away to a homeless person on a whim, so whatever.
MEDIUM/PLATFORM: Comics. Sorry, graphic novels. No, screw that. They’re comics.


You quite literally sweat blood over every beautiful, imaginative piece of content you create. Then you spend the next month in therapy because you didn’t get enough likes or shares. You unfriend the world. It doesn’t care.
MEDIUM/PLATFORM: Everything except social media, because it’s too cruel.

Feb 19–Mar 20

All sound worryingly familiar?

Don’t let it get you down. Not everyone wants or is able to create brilliant content all the time and that’s very kind. It leaves room for someone else to step in and take some of your money. Someone who would quite possibly sweat blood over every imaginative, beautiful piece of content they craft for you.

Where would you find such a treasure, one wonders?

Many thanks to our discerning and totally awesome clients for their support this year. We wish you happy holidays and a very successful 2020—with our help, of course.

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Niki Morrell is Bold Communications' creative director. Her favourite thing is laughing.

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